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Insightful Career Talk with The University of Adelaide

by SAI Admin

01 September, 2023

The school recently hosted a career talk with The University of Adelaide, featuring guest speaker Devjani Das, the Student Recruitment Manager for India and Bangladesh. As part of the esteemed Group of Eight Universities, The University of Adelaide holds rich experience in research and fostering student growth through top-tier industry connections. SAIoneers gained valuable insights into undergraduate programs, admission criteria, and processes, making the session immensely informative for grade XII students who are on the verge of stepping into their dream university.

The engagement with The University of Adelaide proved highly beneficial for SAIoneers. Beyond the comprehensive overview of programs, the talk kindled curiosity and broadened perspectives. Students were encouraged to explore diverse academic avenues and recognize the significance of hands-on industry connections. This interaction not only paved a smoother path for the grade XII students' university transition but also instilled a proactive approach to their educational journey, equipping them with the tools to excel in higher education and beyond.