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Insider’s Reflections: 10 Pressing Committees at SAIMUN 2023

by SAI Admin

29 July, 2023

The commencement of insightful committee sessions by pressing 10 committees added to the grandeur of this event, propagating relevant deliberations by young global leaders around transcending global concerns. This year, the committee proceedings & imperative agendas led to the successful attainment of several good resolutions.

The International Press (IP) played a pivotal role in reporting and disseminating information about the various committee proceedings and deliberations. With their keen observation and journalistic expertise, the IP members provided real-time coverage of the debates, resolutions, and diplomatic interactions happening across all committees. Their contributions bridged the gap between the conference participants and the global audience, ensuring that the efforts and achievements of each committee reached a wider international community. The IP team acted as the eyes and ears of the conference, capturing the essence of SAIMUN 2023 and showcasing the impact of diplomacy and collaboration on the world stage.

Here’s sharing some of the committee proceedings from the sessions over the 2-day conclave:

In the UNESCO committee, delegates have been engaged in escalating committee proceedings and are uniting in common purpose to collaborate on pertinent issues based on Artificial Intelligence & Rule of Law. As a great man truly said, “Where leaders emerge, amidst the chaos and anxiety of the first session it is indeed time to strategize and form alliances.”

During Day 1 session of WHO in SAIMUN 2023, the committee members engaged in intense deliberations on global health challenges, including access to medical facilities amid pandemics and epidemics. Delegates from various nations collaborated to formulate effective solutions, showcasing diplomacy and determination to address the gravity of the situation and promote health worldwide.

During SAIMUN 2023, the ICJ (International Committee Justice) committee members fervently deliberated on "Reforming Mediation Efforts to Make a Fairer and More Efficient Conflict Resolution Apparatus." The agenda sparked discussions on the possibility of Norway and Switzerland's longstanding alliances coming to an end, with the hashtag #alliancescanbreak trending. Insightful inputs, like the notion of power sharing stemming from the reluctance to alter power, were shared by the republican Greece, enriching the debate and paving the way for innovative solutions to global conflicts.

DISEC (Disarmament & International Security) committee members delved into fervent deliberations on the pressing agenda: "Impact of Private Military Security Contractors on Global Security." Delegates engaged in insightful debates, analysing the implications of private contractors in conflicts and addressing ways to regulate their operations for a safer world. Solutions and resolutions forged in this dynamic forum aimed to shape a more secure and stable international landscape.

The SOCHUM committee focused on "Addressing the Impact of Bullying and Discrimination on Youths." Delegates engaged in passionate deliberations, sharing experiences and proposing measures to combat these issues. Empathy and determination echoed through the proceedings as the committee sought to create a safer and inclusive world for the younger generation.

On day one of SAIMUN 2023, the UNSC (United Nations Security Council) committee dived into the pressing agenda: "Differentiating Cyber War from Cyber Terrorism and Cyber Crime." Delegates engaged in rigorous discussions, dissecting the complexities of digital threats and proposing measures for clearer distinctions and effective responses. The committee's efforts aimed to foster cybersecurity and safeguard global digital domains.

The UNEP (United Nations Environment Program) Committee dedicated its efforts to the agenda: "Economic and Environmental Maximization of Winds & Solar Energy." Delegates engaged in insightful deliberations, exploring sustainable strategies to harness these renewable resources. Collaborative discussions focused on creating a greener and economically viable future, aligning environmental preservation with economic growth.

The ECOSOC (Economic & Social Council) committee fervently embraced the agenda, "Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) for Sustainable Development; New and Emerging Technologies for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goals." Delegates engaged in dynamic discussions, delving into the transformative potential of STI and emerging technologies to advance the global pursuit of sustainable development. Collaborative debates centred on harnessing innovation as a catalyst for achieving the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, highlighting the vital role of science and technology in building a more sustainable and inclusive future for all.

UNHRC (United Nations Human Rights Council) committee passionately addressed the pressing agenda: "Surveillance of People Post-Pandemic." Delegates engaged in intense deliberations, exploring the delicate balance between public health and individual privacy in the wake of the pandemic. Discussions revolved around the ethical implications of surveillance measures, data privacy protection, and the need for transparency in safeguarding both public safety and civil liberties. The committee's focus on this critical topic sought to establish guidelines that strike a harmonious equilibrium between public health surveillance and respecting human rights.

The UN-Women committee delved into the critical agenda: "The Impact of Covid-19 on Gender Equality and the Rise of Domestic Violence." Delegates engaged in poignant discussions, analysing the pandemic's disproportionate impact on women's rights and safety. Topics included addressing domestic violence surge, ensuring access to essential services, and empowering women to thrive amidst adversity. The committee's commitment to gender equality highlighted the urgent need to protect and support vulnerable communities affected by the pandemic's far-reaching consequences.