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by SAI Admin

14 June, 2020

COVID 19 has definitely defined a new normal, not just for the elders but also for the students. It has been a tremendous learning experience in multiple ways. With a perfect blend of technology & fun SAI International has come up with a unique and innovative platform for its students from SAI Angan, SAI International School, SAI International Residential School and also their extended families; with the unique e-Summer Camp the education group is spreading happiness and knowledge not only among the SAIoneers but also across the global Community.
The eSummer Camp hosted the first Blade Runner of India and Kargil War Veteran, Major D.P.Singh at the Motivational Expert Session on Saturday, June 13, 2020, the viewership of the virtual session was much beyond 20,000.
Disability or ability is only a mind game, it’s you who has the power for loving somebody or even killing somebody, you need to understand yourself and your powers to achieve success in whatever you do, said Major D P Singh.
While speaking at the session he emphasised that one should show gratitude to those who throw challenges at you which help you to grow, know yourself and enhance your abilities. Answering to the question laid by a SAIoneer on what kind of support did he receive from the Government for his treatment, he very graciously and with pride said that he belonged to the Indian Armed forces, the Government was gracious enough to extend a hand of support to him. He also said that the Army lives by example and when they saw him hopping and running around, he was honoured enough to get his first Blade even after three years of his retirement.
On a question on what sort of discrimination he faced for his disabilities, he very humbly said if you feel there is discrimination which means somebody’s action is stopping you from achieving your goals. One must believe in one’s own self and never compromise quality of life he or she dreamt of, he said he got more than what he had thought and would have got as a whole person. He said when challenges are thrown in front of you, you need to humbly show gratitude to the person or situation, as it enables you to go beyond all the possibilities as they helped you to grow.
When asked about the pain due to the prosthetics he laughed and said “I got accustomed to it, endured the pain and adapted to the new normal and accepted it. This process enhanced my strengths further.”
For the sky diving experience his words inspired to the core as he said “I realised how ever high you may go in life, its critical to remember to stay humble and grounded”.
While talking on mental and emotional well being he urged the audience to speak out and talk with their near one if not, then e-mail him and talk to him.
In his message to the girls aspiring to join the defence forces he said, not to look for support but prove your mettle and earn the respect. He believes that girls are taking a lead and the future seemed bright, more empathetic, lovable, secure and peaceful. He suggested the girls to ‘lead as mothers’ as they are the creators of life on earth.

He concluded the session by quoting ‘Mann Jeete Jag Jeet’, which means ‘you are the power house, explore from inside and grow from within; sky cannot be your limit, you can bang open and create your own Universe’.
While speaking about Founder and Mentor SAI International Dr Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, he said, Its a wonderful thought to use the limitations as your strength and connect with children through such an innovative platform as the eSummer Camp.
Dr Sahoo Thanked Major DP Singh to inspire the SAIoneers and their family members together watching the session and learning from the man who has led by setting examples, he also said SAIoneers will surely learn a lot from him.