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Honoring the Victors of the 'Founder Debate Cup 2023'

by SAI Admin

30 September, 2023

During the momentous occasion of the 'Founder’s Memorial Talk' on September 30, 2023, a distinct highlight was the celebration of intellectual prowess and eloquence as the winners of the 'Founder Debate Cup 2023' were felicitated. This event marked a significant recognition of the exceptional talents among the student debaters from Classes IX-XII.

The 'Founder Debate Cup 2023' was not just a competition but a platform for these young minds to showcase their critical thinking, communication skills, and ability to articulate their viewpoints effectively. The participating students engaged in rigorous debates on diverse topics, demonstrating their capacity to analyze, reason, and present their arguments persuasively.

The felicitation of the debate winners added an extra layer of significance to the 'Founder’s Memorial Talk,' as it highlighted the school's commitment to nurturing not only academic excellence but also the art of public speaking and constructive dialogue. It served as an inspiring reminder that SAI International values holistic development, where intellectual growth and communication skills are equally cherished. This gesture not only honored the individual achievements of the debaters but also symbolized the school's unwavering dedication to fostering a well-rounded education that empowers students to excel in various facets of life, equipping them for success in the global arena.