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by SAI Admin

14 August, 2021

The 8th edition of SAI Model United Nations Conference 2020 was held virtually on August 13 and 14, 2020. As part of the mega event, a multi-cultural amalgamation of different cultures was organized.

The Global Village held on the 2nd day of eSAIMUN reflected the true essence of Internationalism. The event with the motto of connecting the whole world under one canopy was attended by students from Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, USA, Australia, Uganda, UAE and India showcased their culture on the digital platform. The International delegates spoke about cuisine, dance forms, music, art and craft of their respective countries.

A panel discussion was held where the issues related to COVID and post COVID was debated by the budding minds. Some of the questions put forth for the panelist were ‘How would post COVID situation look like in India?, Despite not going under lockdown, how did Japan manage to keep on?, How COVID affected fewer people in Sri Lanka?, What are the precautions taken by UAE for conducting IPL 2020?, How did Uganda manage to fight the pandemic?, How will Indonesia benefit from the COVID 19 vaccine?, How did Australia manage the pandemic as well as the unfortunate event of jungle fire? And how USA was able to create a right balance between life and livelihood during this crisis? The delegates shared valuable suggestions that led to reduced COVID 19 fatalities in their respective countries and how they were able to ride over the situation.

The event was truly global in nature and brought together young and enthusiastic students, who learnt to value each other’s culture. It also showcased how connected we are to each other in spite of the geographical barriers.