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by SAI Admin

05 February, 2021

SAIoneers of Class VIII, conducted a virtual classroom with students from Keystone international school located In Istanbul Turkey on February 3, 2021.The topic was global Ayurveda comprising an in-depth conversation about medicinal plants of India and Turkey students from both schools took turns presenting about the native herbal plants of their country.

The medicinal plants covered by the students of SAI International included mint, cinnamon, Fenugreek, bitter gourd, Aloe vera and Tulsi to name a few. The conversation was quite comfortable as students from Turkey spoke on common herbal plants from their country. They spoke about Rose-hip, Figs, Carob, Licorices, Thyme and Olives. They found out that both countries used cinnamon and Ginger. The meeting ended with the students completing a short questionnaire that asked them about their favourite plant from each country.