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From Ideas to Enterprises: Business Model Expo

by SAI Admin

07 September, 2023

On September 7, 2023, SAI International School hosted an exhilarating business model competition. The event brought together the brightest minds from Classes XI and XII, encompassing both the IBCP and CBSE curricula, who eagerly showcased their innovative business models. This competition marked a significant milestone within the ongoing Founder's Memorial Series, reflecting the ideals of SAI's Founder Chairman, Dr. Bijay Kumar Sahoo, who consistently nurtured an entrepreneurial mindset among students from their early years.

The competition served as a dynamic launchpad for these budding entrepreneurs, who came armed with a wealth of ingenious ideas. Driven by their creativity and burgeoning business acumen, these young talents bridged the gap between classroom concepts and real-world ventures. Within the vibrant atmosphere of the competition, pencils symbolized the inception of compelling business pitches, and textbooks evolved into intricate blueprints for future success.

The prestige of the event was further elevated by the presence of distinguished guests, Dr. Dasarathi Sahu, Reader & Former HOD, PG Department of Business Administration, Utkal University, and Dr. Biplab Kumar Biswal, Professor & Director, ODL, KIIT University. Their wealth of expertise and inspirational insights enriched the learning experience for all participants, leaving an indelible impression on the young minds gathered to celebrate innovation & entrepreneurship.