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Founder’s Memorial Talk by Devdutt Pattanaik

by SAI Admin

30 September, 2023

In a remarkable culmination of SAI International's 'Founder's Memorial Series,' the grand finale on September 30, 2023, featured a captivating 'Founder’s Memorial Talk' by the renowned author & mythologist, Shri Devdutt Pattanaik. With over 5000 attendees, including parents, teachers, and students, the event provided a platform for profound insights on the theme 'Happy Minds, Bright Future.'

During his keynote address, Shri Devdutt Pattanaik illuminated the path to a brighter future, drawing inspiration from both mythology and life's experiences. He passionately stressed the importance of fostering happiness and a relaxed mindset, asserting that they serve as compasses guiding us in life's intricate journey. For students, happiness, he said, is not a mere luxury but a vital necessity, grounded in the wisdom of mythology.

Pattanaik delved into the subjective and immeasurable nature of happiness, emphasizing the significance of teaching children the power of contentment. He demonstrated how mythology, with its timeless stories and wisdom, serves as a reservoir of life lessons, offering profound insights into navigating the complexities of existence. Furthermore, he shed light on the distinction between 'Bigyan Ka Sach' and 'Vishwas Ka Sach' and expounded on the Royal Society’s motto 'Nullius In Verba’,  translating to 'take nobody’s word for it,' which underscores the determination of fellows to verify statements through experiments and maintain their independence.

He also shed some light on the 3 Ds’: Drishti, Dibyadrishti & Darshaan, as prominent guides while navigating through life's journey, cultivating happiness & knowledge.