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Exploring 'The Roaring 20s': Insights from Round Square History Lab

by SAI Admin

25 April, 2024

On 25th March 2024, the Round Square Online History Lab activity proved to be an exceptional learning opportunity for senior students. Themed around "The Roaring 20s," SAI International School students actively participated in a Round Square conference hosted by The Sanskaar Valley School. The conference featured engaging discussions in various barazas, where students presented insightful PowerPoint presentations prepared by each attending school, followed by discussions on the impact of 'The Roaring 20s' on India. Five exemplary students from Class XI and XII, namely Shivakshi Sidhani, Vyapti, Satavisha, and Anika, made significant contributions to the event, showcasing their knowledge and engagement in a successful manner. 

The baraza groups delved into diverse topics, including:

·       Different facets of the Roaring 20s in India.

·       Cultural and literary developments of the 1920s.

·       Economic growth focusing on India versus the interests of entities like Tata, Birla, and the East India Company, along with considerations of global recognition.

·       Issues surrounding the exploitation of farmers in India.

·       Evolution of the education system post-1920s, debating the merits of the Gurukul method versus the Western approach.

·       The era's significance in India's national Independence Movement.

·       Adoption and impact of the Jazz Age juxtaposed with the preservation or transformation of Indian Indigenous culture.