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eSummer Fiesta Season 4.0 Commences With A Series Of Intriguing Activities

by SAI Admin

03 May, 2023

With the goal of instilling 21st-century skills and stimulating students' creative minds through a variety of engaging activities this summer, eSumer Fiesta 4.0 commenced on May 3, 2023. The Summer Fiesta was divided into two sections: Morning Expert Sessions and an exclusive Evening Expert Sessions (for the students, parents and teachers of SAI International School, SAI Angan and SAI International Residential School). Students from Play Group to Class III from SAI Angan and SAI International School, participated in these workshops, indulging in amusing activities to further nurture their 21st century learning skills and augment their creative minds.

During the 10-day Summer Fiesta, more than 12 of morning expert workshops and training sessions were organised for students from playgroup to Class III from 9-10:30 am. Eminent personalities from all walks of life were present at the eSummer Fiesta, including Ms. Manisha Abbasi & Ms. Soumyashree Das for Art Oratorie workshops, Rinku Sahoo & Santwana Rath for Step-Up dance sessions, Akash Vincent for Pitch-Perfect – a musical workshop, Sriya Patnaik for Kraft It Up – a paper craft & quill art session, Auro Rashmi Mohanty for a Science Magic workshop, Pritam Naik for Different Strokes – a mono painting workshop session & last but not the least Sankar Pradhan for Nukkad Natak Theatricals.

Internationally Renowned Youth Motivational Speaker and Career Guidance Expert, Simerjeet Singh kicked off the opening day's evening expert session of eSummer Fiesta 4.0. The engaging, inspiring, and thought-provoking session touched upon the significance of gratitude, perks of AI in present world scenarios, leadership, innovation, change, and self-growth, and was well-perceived by young individuals and parents in attendance, further helping them in identifying and embracing their strengths & stepping out of their comfort zones to work on their shortcomings. He has spent the last 15 years inspiring students and young professionals from over 65 countries to live lives of passion and purpose. His YouTube channel and live seminars have inspired millions of people.

Talking about the E-Summer Fiesta Season 4.0, Dr. Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson SAI International Education Group, said, “Every effort has been made to ensure that the children are actively and constructively engaged and equipped with new-millennium skills. Competent resource persons from India and abroad have been invited to train the students in a variety of activities which will eventually result in an unforgettable experience for our students as always. The activities are sure to make the E-Summer Fiesta 4.0 a unique one. Indeed, a summer to remember!”

The 10-day fiesta promises to be a combination of fun-filled activities along with innovative & experiential learning for the students of the institution.