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Equality VS Equity: Round Square Zoom Reflections

by SAI Admin

24 April, 2024

A group of young and enthusiastic Cambridge students from Class VII, including Abhipsha Sahoo, Reyansh Mishra, Trisha Acharya, Ashrith Kandi, and Danish Ahmad, actively participated in the Round Square Zoom Postcard event hosted by Dhirubhai Ambani International School. The event, themed around 'Equality,' commenced on 24 April 2024 and engaged 200 student delegates from 7 countries. During the event, the SAIoneers eloquently conveyed the essence of Equality. They joined various barazas, engaging in meditative discussions and questionnaire sessions that delved into the nuances of Equality versus Equity. This interactive platform fostered a rich environment for learning and creativity. Both the young participants and their teachers enjoyed the engaging discussions, sharing experiences, and deepening their understanding of Equality's principles. The session culminated in a profound reflection emphasizing that 'Strength knows no gender' and encouraging everyone to be allies to those facing exclusion. The overarching message highlighted the importance of trust, fairness, and collaboration in nurturing peaceful connections. Ultimately, 'Equality' underscores the vision of a fair and just society where every individual is valued and respected, regardless of differences.