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Embracing a Journey of Knowledge and Wonder: School Resumes After a Rejuvenating Summer Break

by SAI Admin

21 June, 2023

SAI International School is thrilled to announce its reopening today after a rejuvenating summer break. With great enthusiasm and anticipation, students, parents, and staff members gathered to mark the beginning of a new academic year filled with learning, growth, and exciting opportunities.

After a well-deserved vacation, students were greeted with a warm welcome as they stepped back into the familiar halls of SAI International School. The campus buzzed with energy and excitement as friends reunited, new friendships formed, and the school community came together once again.

The school administration and faculty members have been diligently preparing for the reopening, ensuring that the campus is safe, clean, and equipped to provide an enriching educational environment. From enhanced hygiene measures to upgraded facilities, every aspect of the school has been meticulously taken care of to provide the best experience for students.

As the school year begins, SAI International School remains committed to its mission of holistic development and academic excellence. The dedicated team of educators is prepared to inspire and guide students on their educational journey, nurturing their talents, and fostering a love for learning. Students can look forward to engaging lessons, interactive projects, and opportunities to explore their interests and talents. The school also encourages the development of life skills, character building, and social responsibility to shape students into well-rounded individuals.

As the new academic year commences, SAI International School extends its heartfelt gratitude to the parents for their continued trust and support. The school remains dedicated to nurturing the aspirations of every student and creating an inclusive and supportive community that values individuality and diversity.

SAI International School is excited to embark on this journey with its students, and the entire school community looks forward to a successful and rewarding academic year ahead.