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Embedding Empathy & Practising Thoughtfulness This Children's Day

by SAI Admin

14 November, 2022

On the advent of Children's Day, the Interact Club members of SAI International invited 21 girls over from the Asha Kiran Orphanage in Niladri Vihar Bhubaneswar for a delectable lunch at SAI International School on November 14, 2022. 

It was indeed a special day for these children as they put on vibrant attires & engaged in several intriguing activities planned throughout the day. The Interact Club member gave these girls a mini tour of the school & bestowed upon them special gifts as evinced by these girls in their wishlist. In collaboration with the teachers, they put forth a campaign to collect & donate ration worth of 2 months to the orphanage. The school further conferred insightful story books, stationary & other study materials for the residents of Asha Kiran ! This endeavour was a wonderful activity to embed empathy within the young Interact Club Members & help them connect with others in their community by practising thoughtfulness & helpfulness towards others.

As a whole, this Intercat Club Initiative was a ‘shower of warmth’ and filled the SAIoneers with compassion and they experienced a feeling of self-actualization by contributing towards making a small change in their communities. The prominent take away for the students was that in giving we always receive.