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Education For All: Our Shared Responsibility

by SAI Admin

23 August, 2023

The Founder's Memorial Series serves as a poignant reminder of the revered Founder-Chairman, Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, who holds a special place in every SAIoneer's heart. The Cambridge students of Class V seized this opportunity to pay homage through their assembly presentation, highlighting the profound wisdom he imparted regarding "Education For All."

Dr. Sahoo's emphasis on education's universality as our collective responsibility resonates deeply in a world striving for equitable opportunities. The students' performance artfully intertwined his teachings with their own experiences, effectively conveying how his visionary insights guided them. This integration not only showcased their understanding but also demonstrated the lasting impact of his words.

By underlining Dr. Sahoo's belief in education's transformative power, the students brought forth a crucial message: that fostering inclusive learning environments isn't just a duty but a moral imperative. The Founder's words underscore the crucial role each SAIoneer plays in shaping a future where education transcends barriers. Through this assembly, the students not only paid tribute to their esteemed founder but also reinforced the importance of his vision - a world where education truly knows no bounds.