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SAIoneers Attend Round Square Conference 2023 at Sanawar

by SAI Admin

08 June, 2023

The young delegates from Classes VII & VIII of SAI International School attended the Round Square Conference 2023 hosted by Lawrence School, Sanawar from June 5-9, 2023. They travelled to Chandigarh via Delhi and were taken to Sanawar by the host school. Attended by 250 students & 31 schools from across the world, the Round Square conference hosted by Lawerence School, Sanawar was an exciting program that our SAIoneers had been eagerly anticipating. They attended the opening ceremony with the utmost enthusiasm following their early morning mindfulness session. When revered chief guest, Mr. Kartick Satyanarayan, CEO at Wildlife SOS, shared with the students’, various anecdotes from his career, about saving and preserving wildlife, they were deeply moved. Stories about his rescues of animals sparked of a hundred different ideas lit up within each of them.

Following the theme ‘Protect, Preserve, Progress for Sustainable Happiness’ this year, our SAIoneers coordinated with other schools for the heritage walk at the chapel & attended several keynotes addresses & partook in rehearsals for the multi-cultural evenings.

They proactively participated in the most awaited Baraza sessions, planted trees, trekked, making an arch over a small dam and indulged in many more fun-filled activities. An interactive discussion was held in the illuminated enchanted forest with renowned storyteller Ms. Rituparna Ghosh. A grand dinner with stimulating peer discussions marked the end of the Day 1.

Fostering Collaborative Learning by Instilling the Ideals of Internationalism

The six-ideals of Round Square has been our motto and practice since inception. Internationalism has been embedded into our curriculum through class-to-class projects with International Partner Schools, in-house curriculum, ‘Global Studies’ and Global Immersion Programs (GIP). Being a Round Square school means taking the next step forward towards our school mission and making it a space for joyful learning, creating empathetic individuals and 21st century global citizens. We want to share best practises and have collaborative learning experiences, align strongly with the ideals of Round Square and participate in all the activities. Year after year, these round square conferences act as pivotal opportunities for students that provide them with the right experience to grow into leaders of tomorrow through exchanges, adventure and service. 

Day 2 of the Round Square Conference 2023 proved to be an exhilarating and action-packed day for the entire 244 member delegation. Split into groups, SAIoneers went to Chail and Dharon ki Dhar for adventure activities. A delightful brunch, a nail-biting cricket match, and a vibrant Multicultural evening followed. Subsequently, students were dispersed to their respective Barazas, engaging in enriching discussions. The students also attended a session with esteemed keynote speaker, Major Priya, whose words left a lasting impact. The day ended with a sense of accomplishment, camaraderie, and appreciation for the rich experiences that the Round Square Conference 2023 had brought for all the young delegates.

“I’m happy to witness my SAIoneers attend such round square conferences. This opens up an avenue for students to be exposed to cultural diversity & an integrated approach towards character education. Together, our schools develop and create opportunities to high quality practices, educational resources, innovative teaching & learning pedagogies that contribute to a common international standard and helps, rightly foster the ideals of internationalism in the round square fraternity.”, said Dr.  Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson, SAI International Education Group.