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Crossing Thresholds: SAI Abhinandan 2023

by SAI Admin

11 August, 2023

Amidst an atmosphere abuzz with anticipation, the long-awaited fresher's ceremony, SAI Abhinandan, for Class XI unfolded on August 12, 2023, orchestrated by the remarkable Class XII SAIoneers. Within the walls of the Indraprastha auditorium, excitement surged as seasoned seniors warmly embraced the newcomers, ushering them into the vibrant SAI family. The birth of camaraderie and mentorship was palpable, a heartening prelude to the journey ahead.

To the fresh faces of Class XI, this is an invitation to embrace every moment that lies ahead—forge new connections, bask in enriching learning, and etch memories that endure.

A big shoutout to our fantastic Class XII students for organizing an unforgettable event, heralding a year brimming with promise and possibility.