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Champions of ROAD 2023

by SAI Admin

25 August, 2023

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to the remarkable achievements of our talented SAIoneers. A hearty salute to A R Devansh from Class VIII for showcasing outstanding performance in the 1st Odisha State Ranking Roller Skating Racing Championship 2023 (ROAD), held at Kalinga Stadium, BBSR. Devansh's dedication and determination have led to an impressive Rank 1 in both the 100 mtr and 1000 mtr Speed Inline categories for the Age group (11-14). Your hard work shines brightly!

Equally commendable is Titiksha Lenka, a shining star from Class VII, who has achieved an impressive Rank 2 in the 100 mts and 1 Lap Speed Inline events for the Age group (11-14). Titiksha's accomplishments reflect her dedication and passion for roller skating.

Shubham Muthuraj’s exemplary performance in the 1000 mtr Speed Inline event for the Age group (14-17) has earned him a well-deserved Rank 3 in the 1st Odisha State Ranking Roller Skating Racing Championship 2023 (ROAD). In the age group of (11-14), Tanush from Class VII achieved an impressive 1st place in the 100mtr and a commendable 2nd place in the 1 Lap event. Shubham's & Tanush’s talent and perseverance are an inspiration to us all.

These achievements not only highlight the immense dedication and hard work of our students but also reflect the nurturing environment and guidance provided by SAI International School. We are incredibly proud of our SAIoneers and we eagerly anticipate more successes from these remarkable individuals in the future. Congratulations once again for your extraordinary accomplishments!