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by SAI Admin

11 May, 2018

SAI International School conducted a two-day Training Programme in Science for CBSE School teachers on May 11 & 12, 2018. The workshop was organized by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) to enhance the pedagogical skills of Science teachers and equip them with competencies to make learning process connected with real life, stress-free and joyful as well as equip themselves to contribute towards development of innovative methods, processes and practices for improving of teaching-learning environment in schools.

Sixty-eight teachers from 25 different schools from across the state including SAI participated in the programme. The training was held under the guidance of CBSE Resource persons Shri Harish Sanduja, Principal, SAI International School and Ms. Indrani Mukherjee from Army Public School, Kolkata, who were highly appreciated by the participants.

The two-day workshop focussed on making Science classes more interesting and lively through hands-on activities as well as encouraging and supporting students to make various scientific projects. The workshop had different sections like classroom teaching, project making, lab activities and assignments.The trainers passed on the learning to the participants through practical demonstrations and giving simple examples from daily life. The participating teachers also visited the School Science Park to gain understanding on how to help students to acquire knowledge on science through practical approach and apply science in their daily life.