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Building Profiles and Bridging Futures: An Exclusive Career & Education Fair

by SAI Admin

04 July, 2023

SAI International School hosted a dynamic Career & Education fair on July 4, 2023, exclusively for Class XI and XII students, aiming to provide students with valuable insights into the importance of profile building and exploring a wide range of career opportunities. A total of 18 esteemed universities participated in the event, including BITS Law School, Shiv Nadar University, SAI University, SRM University AP, and Alliance University Bengaluru. Students had the opportunity to interact with representatives from Vellore Institute of Technology, GD Goenka University, World University of Design, Mody University, and many more. The fair served as a platform for students to discover the trending courses and programs offered by institutions like Ashoka University, Rishihood University, Anglo Eastern Maritime, Flame University, ILEAD Kolkata, Mahindra University, Plaksha University, Acharya Institute of Management Studies Bengaluru, and Indian Institute of Art and Design New Delhi. This comprehensive fair enabled students to make informed decisions about their educational and career pathways.

"I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to attend this Career & Education Fair hosted by my school. Interacting with representatives from renowned institutions and delving into trending courses and programs has given me the confidence to navigate my educational journey. This fair has provided me with the knowledge and clarity I needed to make informed decisions about my future, ensuring that I am on the right track towards achieving my dreams.", said a student from Class XI

"Participating in this Career & Education Fair has truly been an enriching experience for me. Being able to personally engage with representatives from esteemed universities and explore a wide range of career opportunities has opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. It has empowered me with invaluable insights into my own strengths and passions, guiding me towards a path that aligns with my aspirations.", said a student from Class XII.