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Building a Better Future: SAIoneers' SDG Commitment

by SAI Admin

14 May, 2024

In a proactive approach towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the Class VI SAIoneers ingeniously designed an economical diet plan, aligning with SDG 2 (Zero Hunger). Their initiative aimed not only at addressing nutritional needs but also at promoting sustainable food consumption patterns that are affordable and accessible to all, thereby contributing to the goal of ensuring food security and promoting sustainable agriculture.

On a parallel front, Class VII SAIoneers delved into the critical issue of gender inequality, presenting an awareness campaign that resonates with SDG 5 (Gender Equality). Through their initiative, they sought to educate and inspire action towards creating a more equitable society, emphasizing the importance of equal opportunities and rights for all genders. Their effort signifies a collective voice against gender discrimination and a step towards building a more inclusive and just world.