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Bhubaneswar's Rajdhani Mahotsav: A Fusion of Tradition and Innovation

by SAI Admin

13 April, 2024

SAIoneers enthusiastically celebrated the 76th Bhubaneswar Pratistha Diwas on 13 April 2024, infusing the school with the Music of Mo Odisha and Mo Bhubaneswar, along with captivating Visual Art displays. Engaging students from class VIII to XII in the festivities added a dynamic touch to the event. This Rajdhani Mahotsav celebration not only honored Bhubaneswar's rich heritage as the 'Temple city' but also showcased its evolution into a 'Smart City' with modern amenities such as healthcare, education, and improved infrastructure in road communication and illumination. Bhubaneswar's transformation into the 'Sports Capital' of India was also highlighted, accentuating its modern sports facilities and hosting of major international competitions in recent years.