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Beyond Themes: Dr. Silpi Sahoo's Vision for Multisensory Learning and Cultural Enrichment

by SAI Admin

01 February, 2024

Welcoming parents to the SAI Angan Confluence 2024, Dr. Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson of the SAI International Education Group, passionately emphasized the significance of the chosen theme, Dashavataar. She elucidated why Dashavatar was not just a theme but a special way to impart essential life lessons to children. Dr. Sahoo pointed out how each avatar, from Matsya's never-give-up spirit to Buddha's wisdom, serves as a meaningful guide for children, helping them connect with culture, discern right from wrong, and learn timeless values. Dashavataar, she emphasized, offers more than just a visual spectacle; it unfolds as a metaphor for life's transformative journey through the epochs.

Addressing the core philosophy of SAI Angan, Dr. Sahoo stressed the institution's commitment to cultivating individual talents. She highlighted how the Confluence seamlessly aligns with this ethos, serving as a dynamic platform for multisensory learning. Dr. Sahoo underlined that the three-day mega cultural event not only accentuates linguistic, logical, musical, and kinaesthetic skills but also contributes to the children's confidence through colorful costumes and opportunities to perform in front of a large audience.

Furthermore, she emphasized the transformative power of such events in sculpting well-rounded individuals. Beyond academic growth, the Confluence instills a deep appreciation for cultural roots, showcasing SAI Angan's commitment to nurturing thoughtful and culturally aware students. Dr. Sahoo highlighted how each innovative theme of the Confluence delivers a profound message on global values, cultures, and traditions, thereby enhancing the naturalistic skills of the young learners.