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by SAI Admin

25 January, 2020

“From a tender age children learn that beautiful things can be made from waste and that’s a great learning experience”, said Ms.Suparna Das, Assistant Town Planner, BDA and mother of Chhandakabya, a KG II student of SAI Angan, a division of SAI International School.

As part of holistic education, students from Play Group to Class III along with their parents took part in the annual ‘Art from the Heart’ activity, held on Saturday, January 25, 2020. Around 100 children along with their family actively participated in the activity.

Ms.Banashree Behera who works as a Manager at United Bank of India and the mother of Aryadeep Behera of Class II said, “we are enjoying each minute of it as we are doing some activity together in my son’s school. He is so happy to see his parents and aunty making an outfit for him from old newspapers”.

Sai Rudrakhi Sahoo of Class I was dancing with joy to see his parents cutting newspapers and carefully pasting them together to make an outfit for her. The little girl felt so special. Her mother, Devjani Shaoo, a freelance Communication Trainer said, “these are occasions when we get to spend time with our family in a creative way. Otherwise every day we just drop her at school, pick her up, at times take her to a park or go to a restaurant, but this is something we really enjoyed doing”. Ms.Navneet Kaur, a teaching faculty at NIFT and the mother of Abirpratap Singh of Nursery said, “by seeing everyone making dresses so enthusiastically, my son got active and helped me in cutting the papers and also exercised his brain to suggest some design, which I really loved.”

Schools are environments that establish a series of developmental tasks for children and in all these tasks the parents are an important resource for the child. ‘Art from the Heart’ is a family activity that encourages fine motor skills, neural development, and problem-solving abilities of children. The topic this year is “Dare to Design” a wearable outfit using paper as a medium. The activity is also vital for families as they get to spend quality time doing something constructive and creative as well as create happy memories.

Dr.Bijaya Kumar Sahoo, Founder and Mentor SAI International said that “When school and parents work together as partners, they create important opportunities for children to develop social, emotional, and academic competencies. We always partner with parents to give a 360-degree edge to education”.