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Exploring Odisha’s Abadha Tradition in AFS Cultural Cuisine Fest

by SAI Admin

10 August, 2023

In a bid to broaden the perspectives of our next generation of leaders and empower them to communicate, negotiate and collaborate across differences, SAIoneers engaged in a bunch of enriching activities in the month of August, as a part of AFS Intercultural Programs, India. As a part of the Cultural Cuisine Fest under AFS, a group of students from class IX embarked on a visit to the Ananta Basudev Temple on August 10, 2023, marking a transformative step in their cultural exploration. Amidst this sacred setting, they immersed themselves in the experience of Abadha, a culinary tradition indigenous to the state of Odisha.

Abadha, characterized by its unique blend of flavours and textures, is a traditional meal deeply rooted in the cultural heritage of Odisha. It symbolizes more than just a gastronomic indulgence; it encapsulates the essence of communal bonding and spiritual reverence. This feast typically features a variety of delectable offerings, including rice, lentils, vegetables, and desserts, meticulously arranged in a specific order on banana leaves.

The artful arrangement of Abadha is a testament to the state's rich culinary tradition and social ethos. The harmonious blend of tastes and aromas reflects the unity and diversity that Odisha embodies. As the students delved into this sumptuous meal, they not only savoured the intricate flavours but also imbibed the cultural significance of sharing a meal as a form of communion.

In this manner, the visit to the Ananta Basudev Temple and the partaking of Abadha served as an embodiment of SAIoneers' commitment to cultivating intercultural understanding and fostering open-mindedness among the leaders of tomorrow. Through these immersive experiences, they not only acquired a taste of Odisha's culinary heritage but also ingested the essence of harmony and unity that this meal symbolizes.