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Advaya - A Creative Odyssey

by SAI Admin

30 September, 2023

'Advaya' - an extraordinary artful experience meticulously crafted to nurture the profound bonds between parents and students, commenced on September 30, 2023. A prominent part of the Founder’s Memorial Series, Advaya was not merely an event; it was an opportunity for young minds to showcase their creative interpretations of their happy worlds. Through their artistic expressions, the students painted vivid and inspiring portraits of their own utopian realms, where happiness reigned supreme. This artistic journey transcended the boundaries of traditional education, allowing children to express their dreams, aspirations, and unique perspectives on happiness. Parents and students from Playgroup-Class XII participated in this event.

The resonance of the 'My Happy World' theme echoed through the halls of SAI International School, creating an atmosphere where the essence of happiness became palpable. It was a day when the institution celebrated the joy of learning, the power of imagination, and the importance of nurturing happiness amidst students & parents. In doing so, SAI International reaffirmed its commitment to shaping not just bright minds but also happy, fulfilled individuals who will go on to create a brighter and more compassionate world, by providing special emphasis to the parent connect approach of learning.