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by SAI Admin

10 June, 2020

Eminent Media Personality and Chairman Odisha Film Development Corporation, Government of Odisha, Shri Kuna Tripathy was the guest for the evening Entertainment Session of SAI International e-Summer Camp, held on Tuesday, June 9, 2020. Shri Tripathy not only pepped up the students, teachers, staff and the numerous viewers with his witty talks, but also shared valuable insights on education. The viewers burst into laughter hearing him enact the speaking styles of people from various parts of Odisha.

During his talk, he highlighted the importance of a teacher in the life of a student and said that no goal can be achieved without the guidance of a guru, and knowledge is of no use if it is not applied fruitfully in day to day life. He urged the parents not to pressurize their children to solely focus on studies, rather raise them with necessary values to become better human beings. He advised the students to value the teachings of their parents and teachers as their experience and blessings would help them to overcome the greatest obstacles in life.

Expressing his fondness for his mother tongue, Shri Tripathy said that one should always be proud of their mother tongue, their own culture and tradition. He delineated the importance of entertainment in everybody’s life and said that life becomes easier, if work and study is balanced with fun.

Shri Tripathy also recounted the musical journey of the state, highlighting the contribution of various legendary singers of Odisha that enriched its music industry. During his interview at SAI TV by Leading Comedian Shankar, he appreciated Founder and Mentor, SAI International Dr. B.K.Sahoo for his great insight and his arduous effort in providing opportunity for the 360 degree development of students, even during the period of lockdown.

Founder and Mentor Dr. Sahoo expressed his happiness to see the enthusiasm of the students during the sessions. He added that every possible step has been taken to ensure that the children are actively and constructively engaged as well as enriched with the new millennium skills.

The e-Summer Camp of SAI International is a unique amalgamation of creativity and technology. Enthusiastic students from Play Group to Class XII, are actively participating in the fun-filled Camp, held from June 1 to 14, 2020. A gamut of age appropriate interesting activities are designed to sharpen the 21st century skills and augment the creative minds of students across various age groups. An evening Expert Session is held every day, for the entire family to destress, learn, reflect and have greater awareness about the world around them.