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Acknowledging Academic Brilliance

by SAI Admin

26 July, 2023

SAI International School, renowned for its commitment to academic excellence, hosted a momentous Scholar Ceremony on Tuesday, July 25, 2023, recognizing and commending the remarkable achievements of its outstanding students from Classes V to XI. The ceremony celebrated the scholastic prowess of the students and the relentless dedication they exhibited towards their academic & non-academic pursuits.  

The Chairman's Club of SAI International stands as a paragon of distinction, transcending the realm of mere academic accomplishments. This prestigious enclave exalts a holistic celebration of human potential, as evidenced by the array of luminous stars who graced its ranks this year, lauded for their awe-inspiring prowess in various fields such as sports, dance, literature, music & more. Encapsulating a nurturing environment, this coveted congregation of achievers espouses the virtues of persistence and propels its members towards unparalleled excellence. Serving as an inexhaustible reservoir of inspiration, it engenders an unwavering zeal that empowers these students to soar to unprecedented heights, defining the very essence of intellectual enlightenment. The distinguished ceremony saw the conferral of three esteemed accolades: the Chairman's Club, the Scholar Blazers, and the Scholar Badge.

The most prestigious and coveted honor, the Chairman's Club, was presented to those exceptional students who achieved a remarkable score of more than 90% in their academic endeavors. Numerous students were recognized for their outstanding performance in the national & international front in sports, dance & music. This elite club represents the pinnacle of excellence in terms of performance and serves as an inspiration for all aspiring scholars in an array of diverse genres. The recipients of the Chairman's Club have exemplified the values of diligence, dedication, and intellectual prowess throughout their academic & non-academic journey.

Another highly esteemed accolade, the Scholar Blazers, was awarded to students who consistently maintained an aggregate score of 85% and above over the course of the last three academic sessions. This recognition demonstrates their consistent commitment to academic brilliance and their ability to sustain an exceptional level of performance over time.

Additionally, the Scholar Badge was bestowed upon students who achieved an outstanding academic performance of above 85% in the current academic session. This badge of honor symbolizes their hard work and determination to excel in their studies and serves as a stepping stone towards greater achievements in the future.

The Scholar Ceremony was graced by the esteemed presence of Dr. Silpi Sahoo, the esteemed Chairperson of SAI International. Dr. Sahoo, an eminent educationist and visionary, commended the students for their extraordinary achievements and emphasized the importance of fostering a culture of excellence and leadership in the school. She expressed her heartfelt pride in the students' accomplishments and encouraged them to continue pursuing knowledge with the same zeal and determination.

The Scholar Ceremony at SAI International School was indeed a memorable event. The Chairman's Club, the Scholar Blazers, and the Scholar Badge are a testament to the school's unwavering dedication to empowering the leaders of tomorrow.