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A Vision for Education, Rooted in Happiness

by SAI Admin

30 September, 2023

On occasion of the Founder’s Memorial Talk, Dr. Silpi Sahoo, Chairperson, SAI International, articulated the school's core mission, which revolves around promoting happiness within the realm of education. She highlighted how Dr. Bijaya Kumar Sahoo consistently emphasized the significance of the 'Happiness Quotient' (HQ) in one's life, placing it in higher regard than mere intellectual prowess (IQ).

With deep reverence, Dr. Sahoo pledged to carry forth the legacy of SAI International, aspiring to weave happiness and knowledge seamlessly into the educational fabric. She shared her solemn mission, echoing the dream of the school's revered Founder-Chairman. Dr. Sahoo expressed heartfelt gratitude to the parents for their unwavering support, acknowledging their pivotal role in nurturing happy, empathetic, and resilient individuals within the school community.