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by SAI Admin

05 December, 2018

My teacher is kind beautiful and talks to me with peace

She always helps us students in any doubt or trouble

In the whole world she is the only piece

She is intelligent and solves everyone’s question

She is also good and lets us do anything in the free period

She always teaches us manners and the right path

She never shows us the wrong path

She teaches us Sai Samskara and English

She always cheers me up when I am in depression

She always encourages me and makes me feel better

I  I am always encouraged by her words and teachings

She taught me to always participate in different events

She always lets me participate in the assembly and other school events

I  I always try to read attentively and listen to her teaching in the class

She always cares and spends time with us

gives us  the some advice at the night time.

She teaches very nicely and most of us students like

listening to her English and Samskara lessons

She is the best teachers and I love her a lot