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by SAI Admin

15 January, 2018

There are three main ingredients to success: intelligence, creativity and confidence. If you have all three you can rule the world.These are the words that rightly summarise my school.The vision of a great man gave us a school which has catered to our every need and upheld to our highest expectations.This great man with the vision to create a school of dreams is non other than our chairman Sir Bijoy Kumar Sahoo  and his school of dreams is our Sai International. With the enlightenment of our beloved chairman sir our school has achieved high goals in it’s small lifespan. Being only nine years old our school has successfully written a significant page of its own, in the history of prestigious schools.As a student i feel really proud to belong to school like SAI International where everyone is not just a colleague or classmate,teacher or student but everyone is tied together in a bond of love and humanity which makes us all one big family.From the infrastructure to the academics our school has always believed in maintaining the highest standards.Having excellent teaching and support faculty our school has truly succeeded in making students of all age groups and from different backgrounds to feel loved and cared for.The teachers interact not only on an academic level but they also interact on an emotional level supporting each other which truely upholds the principles of guru shishya parampara of the ancient ages. We the SAIoneers believe in either being the best or different from the rest which encourages us to strive harder with every passing day which leads to us achieving extraordinary heights.In it’s very short lifespan of only 9 years our school has proven to the world that if you want to something with all your heart and tirelessly work hard to achieve it nothing can stop you by becoming India’s 5th best school.Excelling in co-curricular activities our school has proven its mettle by winning competitions in and around India.This school has brought out the best in people and provided a platform for many talented but  undiscovered geniuses with events like Unwind. I feel proud to belong to such a loving family. SAI International is a school which brings out your potential at the fullest and encourages you to move up the path of success.It teaches you to never let go of your dreams and always keep on believing that you can do it no matter how hard the times tell you that you can’t.