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by SAI Admin

07 October, 2017

The entity who I am perpetually in awe of, is none other than the living legend, Roger Federer. Now, I am a huge fan of tennis and play it as well, but I don’t wish to take up tennis as a profession. I have always been striving to become a scientist.At this point, many people would be quite confused, for it seems highly improbable that a young and aspiring scientist would look to a sports player for inspiration. But Federer, is truly different from everyone else.

His approach to the game is highly commendable. Over the last decade and a half, he has spent countless hours in the gym, and on the tennis court pushing himself to get better and better. Not only that, he is a stupendous strategist as well! It can be seen today that he is truly reaping his rewards.

The best thing about him is that he has an incredibly positive mindset and he never gives up. I hope that I too, grow up with such values embedded within me, so that I can make new discoveries and breakthroughs in science. Above all, I hope that I will be truly satisfied throughout my life. Roger Federer is a living testimony for that, as well.