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by SAI Admin

23 February, 2018

For people role models are actors, leaders, achievers or scientists but for me it is my dad like whom I dream to be of one day.

He is a top ranked employee of his organization and has won many awards, very cheerful, charismatic & a good human being, and a doctor by profession who saves human life. He has always taught me good values, preparedness to fight the competition, and respect one and all. He explains me about interesting news articles, new developments in and around world and cheers me up by giving his colloquial style of human values, tips to face the difficult challenges from peer group, to be kind, passionate and above all unique by aspiring for the best but prepared for the worst. When tensed or nervous, few soothing words of him really makes me confident and calm to face the challenges. Some of his teachings are, be generous, accept the criticism as it comes, focus on invention, self-help, be honest and humble.  His unique ability to face the challenges, teaching most difficult things in simple ways and to help to face the toughest situations with a smile are the ones which makes me feel proud to be his daughter.  My Dad always says love ever, hurt never.

Sure you all would have by now understood why I say my dad is a genius and I always wish to become like him.