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by SAI Admin

26 March, 2016


“Since God could not be seen everywhere, he sent Mothers”.

God manifests himself as Mother in our life. She creates us, gives us life and nourishes us to make us human beings. From the time she conceives us in herself till the time she leaves us for God’s abode, a mother lives her own life through us. She nourishes us and translates the World to us where we know nothing. She teaches us to walk and to talk. She is the screen and the filter through which we learn to see the World around us.

Since she is the one who teaches us to talk – our first language is called Mother tongue. She is our first Teacher, our first Doctor and our first Mentor.

As we grow up in life, our Mother assumes the role of an ‘Anchor’. She is the one, whom we can always return to in times of dilemma. She knows what we can and cannot do. She knows what we should and should not do. She keeps us on the right track and helps to build our Character. She is a “sounding board” to her children. All our frustration, biases, prejudices, anger and confusion can be sounded off on her because she is the only one who has seen us through such situation throughout our life. She knows what we will do or say next. She is our one step ahead of us since she can read our mind even better than we can.

She is the ‘Lens’ in our life, through which we can see the diverse nature of this World. She assumes the role of a microscope when any thing is to be brought nearer to us and telescope when she wants to keep us away from what she perceives as danger. A Mother is gifted by nature with the “SIXTH SENSE”. She can see through our eyes and silt the truth from our mixture of truth and lies. One can hide from the World but not from one’s Mother. After all she is GOD’s manifestation.

The sights, smells, tastes, tones of this World are acquired by us through our Mother. She is there with us in our laughter and cries in our tears and fears. She cannot be separated from our persona. Thus Mother has a prime role in our life. In a way, she is the seed and we are the plant.

Mother’s Day is an occasion for us to remember our bond with our mother. To tell her in a multiple ways that she is our anchor, mentor and role model.