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by SAI Admin

12 May, 2021

“Motherhood is the biggest gamble in the world. It is the glorious life force. It’s huge and scary – it’s an act of infinite optimism.” -Gilda Radner

Mother is the epitome of love giving meaning to every born child. Almost as a dense shaded tree that covers us with cool shade from many sufferings and miseries of life. She is the biggest and most invaluable source of love and care who started loving us even before seeing our faces. And, when we are born; she fosters us so lovingly. Rudyard Kipling in the same vein says that ‘God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers’.

SAI International School hosted a grand Mother’s Day celebration on May 8, 2021. Mothers are the superwomen and the biggest supporters who are always there to love and care for us. This day is celebrated globally to honor all mothers and express gratitude for all the hardships they bear in bringing up a child.  SAI International School is delighted to bring you a snapshot of all the activities that unfolded virtually to everyone’s unlimited enthusiasm and happiness. This year too, the event while remaining socially distant, children began the celebrations safely amid the ongoing pandemic Mother’s Day, one of the school’s flagship events took place, and it was likely to be a little different in these days of quarantine, as even COVID19 couldn’t dampen the wonderful spirit of our SAIoneers. Mother’s Day was the perfect opportunity to show our gratitude, love and affection to our mothers.

School fraternity led by students of SAI International School in the exhilarating company of parents and well wishers sang the glory of mothers on the occasion of mother’s day. Parents and teachers all witnessed scintillating dances in harmony with the aesthetics of sublime mothers served in uplifting spirit of the audience. Songs in sync with mellifluous melody was in the air, leaving an enthused community.  Many from the mother’s community had their gratitude for the school fraternity for patronizing a day worth of priceless memoirs. Students had made videos narrating companionship, speaking of their special bonds with their mothers, poems composed in allegiance to mothers contributed to make the day Grand above the ordinary. Many students had put together thoughtful crafts at home, baked, twinning in clothes with mothers. It was amazing to see just lots of love and appreciation for all the mothers out there!

Shri Neelakantha Panigrahi, Sr. Principal, SAI International School, speaking on the occasion stated that “Mothers are the epitome of love and warmth. All our students put forward wonderful acts of love for their mothers and had put up an event for everyone’s memory sake for all times to come, amidst such extra ordinary times. Mothers not just bring a beautiful gift of life, but remain as the ultimate guiding force in a child’s life all throughout. For that special bond that exists between the child and mother, wishing all our wonderful mothers a very Happy Mother’s Day!”.

Photos from the Event