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by SAI Admin

11 December, 2018

“To keep the body in good health is a duty, otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.” –  Buddha

Health is the most important part of one’s life, without which all other things have little or no value. Apart from leading a healthy life style, we also need to have first aid knowledge to help ourselves and others in case of medical emergencies. As said by the 16h century English Historian Thomas Fuller, “Health is not valued till sickness comes”. To enable students to gain some knowledge on first aid and understand the importance of medical science, some activities were conducted during SAITED 2018.

A MED Talk on the topic, “Dream” was conducted by Dr. Ashutosh Mohapatra, Senior Consultant Gastroenterology, AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar, as part of SAITED 2018. In his talk he advised the students to choose a profession of choice that renders joy and not out of compulsion. Citing his own example Dr. Mohapatra said “I still remember Biology because I enjoyed it thoroughly”.  He inspired them to take up Medicine as a profession as there is lot many options once a person completes MBBS course.

He also spoke about noteworthy physicians of our Country, Bharat Ratna Bidhan Chandra Roy and his contribution towards the society; discussed about some of the Nobel Prize winners in the field of Medicine; Eminent Physicians across the globe including Louis Pasteur and Ronald Ross. He briefed the students about some of the causes of gastritis, about capsule endoscopy, some kinds of cancer etc. He also posed a few questions basing on his presentation to the students like what the bacteria Pylori cause does, who discovered Insulin etc.

A Talk on Basic Life Support (BLS) was also conducted by Dr. Anees Abraham of Kalinga Institute of Medical Science (KIMS), Bhubaneswar. He defined the meaning of BLS, its steps and components, and how to take care of different kinds of victims or patients till medical help arrives. He also gave a step by step detail about cardiopulmonary resuscitation, along with demonstration on a man-sized dummy.

SAITED is an ideal platform for school children to connect them to the world of technology. Initiated in the year 2016, the event aims to provide extensive knowledge on the emerging technology, simultaneously provide a great platform for the students to express themselves. It also gives them an excellent opportunity to interact with luminaries from the field of research, engineering, medicine, health and technology from across the globe. As part of the event students gathered some vital information on the Medical Science.

Photos from the Event