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by SAI Admin

17 May, 2019

“Pure Mathematics is, in its own way, the poetry of logical ideas.” – Albert Einstein

Mathematics is derived from the Greek word ‘Mathema’ which means knowledge, study or learning. The study of Mathematics plays an important role in the growth and development of the individual and society. The main characteristics of Mathematics study include logical thinking and intricate reasoning, that form the root of all progress not only of the subject but also of civilization as a whole.

A workshop on Mathematics was organised on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 for the teachers from Classes IV to VIII, on Ideal Maths Teaching.  The objective of the workshop was to brief the participants on the different methods of teaching Mathematics. Facilitator Shri Pabitra Kumar Debata briefed the participants on the need of Mathematics in Secondary level, different aspects of mathematics such as social, mathematical and application of mathematics. He also discussed various methods like analysis, synthesis, induction, deduction etc. Some enriching activities were conducted on teaching algebra by geometrical methods and how to inculcate a fondness for the subject among the students from an early age.

Mathematics is the mirror of civilization. It helps in the preservation, promotion and transmission of cultures. The workshop focussed on how to analyse a situation, how to come up with a decision, to check thinking and its results, to perceive relationships, to concentrate, to be accurate and to be systematic in our work habits.

Photos from the Event