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The Concept

The concept of the time machine transmits the learner into the future, with a futuristic problem adding several cutting-edge issues to the problem-solving approach. Each learner is trained individually with numerous realistic self-designed projects, which sharpen the business acumen to reap a rich harvest in the near and distant future.

Training the Entrepreneur

At SAI International School, we hone the critical thinking capacity and promote futuristic thinking among children, to have foresight about the future needs of the world and transform the needs into an opportunity for them. An entrepreneur is trained amidst contemporary and futuristic projects through the time machine in classes XI and XII of Humanities and Commerce.

Futuristic Learning

This mode of teaching, where the student is actually subjected to a real situation, learns planning and strategies to win; helps apply the knowledge that is learnt in a classroom. SAI International School has devised a unique concept of Time Machine, wherein a student moves into the future and imagines what he or she will do and where he or she will be. Based on this concept, students time to travel to their future and dream of their vision. They create their project in the school’s entrepreneurship lab and make a project report at the end of the program. Thus begins their journey to the future.

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