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A policy making body comprising of the senior management of the school meet once every quarter to work towards the development of the school.

Objective of SMT – The main purpose of the SMT is to design an annual framework for school development, flagship events, capacity building and infrastructure issues.

Methodology – To attain the purpose of SMT, SAI International follows the fundamental process of Planning, Operation Design, Initiate & Execute and later Review the plan for effective development.

Strategic Planning – To build or modify foundational strategic vision of the school, develop strategic plan to drive the strategy and commit to the overall wellbeing of the School.

Operation Designing – Align and create a process to fulfill the strategic plan made by the SMT and push forward for initiation and execution.

Initiate Execution – After the operational design is created a team is inducted to execute the plan for the development of the school.

Review – After the process of execution a proper review and analysis is done to find the effectiveness of the plan in the development of the school.

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