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SAI Financial Literacy equips the students with the knowledge and skills needed to manage money effectively. It is one of the major components of 21st Century Literacy Skills. Financial Literacy is a stepping stone in the world of finance where the children are taught about the importance of money and how to handle it. Later, these children become self-sufficient and achieve financial stability. Those who understand the subject are able to answer several questions about purchases, such as whether an item is required, whether it is affordable, and whether it an asset or a liability.

Financial Literacy demonstrates the behaviours and attitudes a person possesses about money and its application to daily life. It shows how children can make financial decisions. This skill can help students develop a financial road map to identify what they earn, what they spend and what they owe. This subject also affects small business owners, who greatly contribute to economic growth and stability.

Children are taught how to handle money, both at home and in school. It will further help in building a strong economy.

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