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SAI International School has always encouraged students to inculcate innovative thinking and advanced skills to enable them to face modern day challenges with confidence. The SAI Enterprise Program aims to encourage students to think out of the box, nurture their talents and skills as well as provide them with opportunities to manifest their ideas into projects.

SAI Entrepreneurial Lab

The Entrepreneurial Lab of SAI International School was created to facilitate the Senior Secondary students with a common interface to share, discuss and develop their entrepreneur ideas. Here each learner is individually trained with numerous realistic projects which sharpen their business acumen. This hub of innovation and creativity gives a platform –

• To make an in-depth business model analysis through hands-on coaching by mentors.
• Learn how to tackle challenges by combining technical, business and marketing skills.
• Understand the significance of research, risk taking, team work, discipline and leadership skills.
• Handhold them to turn their ideas into viable business models.

Business Model Competition

The exhibition cum competition is organized every year to promote entrepreneurship among the students by encouraging them to initiate and build up on their idea to a meaningful business model. It provides an amazing platform for the students of Senior Secondary Commerce –

• To exhibit their business acumen
• To discuss about their model start-up ventures with eminent personalities.
• Help them to promote their ideas to attract Angel Investors

Start-Up Exhibition

To promote entrepreneurship among students, various companies are invited to showcase their Start-Ups in the Tech Fare held during SAITED, the annual Science and Technology event of the School. It helps to –

• Widen the learning horizon of students on the most recent technological advancements.
• Encourage students to take up entrepreneurship as a career.

SAI International School always nurtures and supports its students who display great innovative skills as well as encourages each student of the school to be more creative and self-confident, socially responsible citizens.

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