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SAI International School uses a standard to map a child’s personality through unique assessment tools which helps a student to extract a detailed report and identify his/her career path, thus conclude through a skills mapping. In short, one can discover and create a blueprint of his or her future career. There are four stages for personality mapping at SAI International School.

Discovering Self – The test identifies a child’s personality type; whether the child is an introvert or an extrovert. It helps in understanding the personality type so that children can embark on self-development. It helps us view the world a little differently, thus fostering greater self-awareness and self-acceptance. The test also helps in cultivating a targeted career development plan, avoid and resolve conflicts.

Get detailed analysis – After the test is conducted the analysis is generated and based on the analysis the child is suggested what type of career is suitable for him and what should he/she pursue further.

Helps in planning for a career – The career counselors in school help the students to identify their unique abilities and map it as per the score they get in the Standard Assessment test and suggest for the available courses and professions for them in future.

Simplified reports for understanding – A very simplified report card is generated for the children to follow. The report card specifies the child’s attribute, latent talents and what is he best at. According to the report the counselor suggest which stream and profession to pursue.

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