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At SAI International School we align the strengths and inclination of the child with the long-term goals and render insight into college and career plan that they can pursue to make an informed decision for life.

School Tie-Ups – The School has tie-ups with Hobsons-Naviance and BridgeU that offer a comprehensive college and career readiness solution that helps students define the post-secondary goals and develop individualized plans for reaching them. Hobsons has strong international linkage and operates in more than 100 countries with offices in USA, UK, Australia, India and Malaysia.

Online programs for career readiness – The online platform for career readiness provides an array of opportunities and creates academic plans that lead to their goals. It also builds in required confidence to experiment and pursue new areas of interest, as well as learn from their missteps or mistakes, all within a safe environment.

Workshops – Students from Class VIII to XII of SAI International School are introduced to the programs through a series of workshops and discussions. Each student is given a unique ID and password to access the Naviance school site and complete the assigned task within a stipulated time. The tasks are carefully chosen for each of the classes, as per the need and necessity and can be done from school as well as home. A year by year cumulative assessment done for the students.

Guiding to choose the right stream – In the Senior Secondary level, as the students are on the verge of choosing the right option and the career, they will undertake the ‘Do what you are’ assigned to them on the site. Additionally, they complete the ‘Career Interest Profiler’ and create their resume with the guidance given in the site. Class XII students are furthermore guided on the potential colleges through the ‘Colleges I am thinking about’ task assigned to them. They can choose their preferred college accordingly to start applying. The resume of the students is a cloud-based depository for the colleges to access the data base as per the need of the student.

Benefits – These activities are of immense help to the students in making the right decisions throughout their academic journey, develop confidence and motivation, improve their outcomes and connects their learning to life.

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