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The 21st Century Skills refer to the literacy skills, core learning skills such as collaboration, communication, digital literacy, critical thinking, adaptability, problem-solving and social skills of developing curiosity, initiative, grit, adaptability, leadership with a social conscience to become future leaders and torch bearers.

Our Aim – Our mission is to realize the power and promises of 21st Century learning with these foundational outcomes and the 4C’s (critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication) in mind, we want SAIoneers to enter the world with an understanding of what it takes to be a good citizen. A good citizen is one who can be civically engaged, critically thinking, digitally literate, globally aware, an effective communicator and be a rational thinker, with an innovative approach to leadership.

SAI Literacy Skills – At SAI International School, the Literacy skills of numeracy, science, finance and technology ensure that all the students attain proficiency in literacy and numeracy in the early classes and apply the core skills of literacy in everyday tasks. We believe that achieving SAI Literacy is a gateway skill.

The SAI Learning Skills – Through deeper learning, we guide the students into this new century, well-equipped to think critically, solve problems and communicate effectively. We are committed to enable each child to achieve success and well-being. To groom students into becoming personally successful, economically productive, and actively engaged global leaders, we enable them and develop the knowledge, skills, and characteristics by implementing the core competency skills of critical thinking, creativity, and curiosity. SAI International School believes that learning should be embedded within a project-based curriculum, aimed at engaging students in addressing real-world problems, based on issues important for humanity. Imbibing these lessons prepare students not only for higher education, but also for successful careers.

It is imperative for students to identify the technological tool best suited for their need, to enable them to use those tools to create and disseminate information. Factors like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, IoT, Industrial Internet, Quantum Computing will make a few of the current jobs redundant, while developing a newer range of jobs that aren’t currently possible with the existing technology. The implications for modern education are that, we need our children to be prepared for the world in an entirely new way.

The school has special programs and advanced labs to create interactive robots, works of art, stories, games, and simulations for the promotion of technological understanding, communication skills, collaboration, critical thinking and creativity.

Through the ATAL Tinkering Lab and the Robotics Lab, we ensure that students get the best training in the field of digital innovation and research. Gaining proficiency with technology tools, we develop relationships to collaboratively solve cross cultural problems, design and share information for global communities, at the same time create, critique, analyze, and evaluate multimedia texts and further manage, analyze, and synthesize multiple streams of simultaneous information.

In today’s world, communication is morphing continuously and is a hybrid of script, interaction, audio, and moving images. We prepare the students to masterfully navigate, judge, and create sophisticated communication quickly and efficiently.

SAI Social Skills – The main focus is on fortifying the core character qualities. The qualities of Curiosity, Initiative, Persistence, Adaptability, Leadership, Social and Cultural Awareness are in fact the basic foundational requirements for success in the world.

At SAI International SAIoneers are provided early opportunities to develop the Literacy skills that will help them reason, think creatively, analyze data and work collaboratively. The school follows a 21st-century skills enhancement format, similar to map development, in core academic skill areas (among them Math, World Languages, Art, Geography, Science, Social Studies, English, Project Management) for higher grade-levels.

Methodology – Our Educursions, Leadership camps and Global Immersion Programs are a vital part of learning that instill the 4Cs (Creativity, Critical Thinking, Collaboration and Communication) beyond the classroom; ensuring that the students have the academic, social-emotional and collaborative skills to succeed in the 21st century.

To further align ourselves with the 21st century skills, we have introduced SAI Financial Literacy for classes V to X which will deal in teaching financial literacy within classrooms to improve financial capacity for today’s young people, by including lessons on smart money habits early in their cognitive development stage. We can encourage children to save money, stimulate family conversations, and empower students to be guardians of their own financial futures. We already conduct various activities like managing a Super Market, in SAI Angan, to inculcate financial skills from early childhood.

We have introduced SAI Grammar for classes I to X, to strengthen the literacy skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening, among the students. In order to create a society of happy people, we are deliberately adding a subject on this vital soft skill, the SAI Happiness content.

A child’s success depends upon his or her interpersonal dexterity, creativity, and ability to innovate and the school’s collective success depends on the ability to navigate complexities to build and sustain a peaceful world — all aspects which hinge on the 21st Century Skills of Literacy, Learning and Social Skills.