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Effective teaching and learning of subject matter involves a strong combination of the theory and the practical, hence SAI International School combines classroom teaching with laboratory learning to ensure that the students grasp each and every concept thoroughly.

Benefits of Laboratories

Laboratory teaching and experiments are conducted to help encourage deep understanding of the subject and satisfy the queries arising in the curious minds of the children. Therefore, they can retain the knowledge gained long after they have conducted the experiments. The main objective of the labs is to induce SAI Learning skills and SAI Social skills; qualities that help one to rise above the ordinary and emerge as global thought leaders and thinkers.

Experiential learning is the key to better understanding and hence SAI International has multiple states of the art labs relating to different subjects to enable students to better understand the complex topics.

The advanced labs include the ATAL tinkering, SAI TV, Radio Orange, Robotics, Visual Performing Art, Visual Art,  Maths, International Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Sports and Science, extending the experiential learning support to the students .

ATAL Tinkering Lab- ATAL Tinkering Lab (ATL) is a Government of India initiative to create an environment of scientific temperament, innovation, creativity amongst Indian students. It is a step towards a new, shining and digital India. ATL lab would teach the essentials of 21st-century skills, which will help them in developing their professional and personal skills. Skilled India is the need of the hour for a smarter, enhanced and digital India.

The main objective of this scheme is to instill curiosity, creativity, and imagination in the young minds and inculcate skills such as design mindset, computational thinking, adaptive learning, physical computing etc. ATL has educational and learn “do it yourself” kits and equipment on – science, electronics, robotics, open source microcontroller boards, sensors and 3D printers etc.

SAI International School was selected by NITI Aayog, Government of India (GOI), to establish ATL in the school. The laboratory at SAI International School provides opportunities for students to explore skills of the future like design and computational thinking, adaptive learning and artificial intelligence through state-of-the-art technologies and competent faculties.

The lab was established in January 2018. Apart from enabling SAIoneers to give shape to their ideas and learn innovation skills, the school has also started inviting students from other schools who do not have ATL facilities to enhance their scientific temperament.

The lab is well-equipped with different tools, Electronic items, Sensors, 3D pen, 3D printers, IOT devices and high-end computers. Students get an opportunity to have hands on practical experiences about the concerned subjects and can implement their thoughts and ideas into a project.

The state-of-the-art facilities and active mentoring by experts help the students to come up with various innovative projects. Students have also started demonstrating their projects and winning in various competitions. To take the innovation journey of the school to the next level, the school plans to upgrade the Lab with more tools, equipment and facilities.

The lab is a brilliant way to bring the do-it-yourself culture to the forefront, encourage and motivate students to become solution providers and get engaged in self-learning that will not only lead to the development of higher order thinking skills, but may eventually lead to discoveries, innovations and inventions. The lab helps each child develop his or her own unique potential far more effectively.

Entrepreneurship Lab- Entrepreneurship is in vogue and young entrepreneurs are in the big league of the globalised world. To facilitate the senior students with a common interface, where they can share innovative ideas and keep track of difficult challenges by combining technical, business and market skills, SAI International conceived and delivered the idea of an Entrepreneurship Lab.

An entrepreneur is trained amidst contemporary and futuristic projects, through the time machine. The concept of the time machine transmits the learner into the future with a futuristic problem, adding several cutting-edge issues to their problem solving approach. Each learner is trained individually with numerous realistic projects which sharpens the business acumen, to reap a rich harvest in the near and distant future.

SAI International School had devised the unique concept of time machine, wherein a student moves into the future and imagines what he or she will do and where he or she will be. Based on this concept, students travel to their future and dream of their vision. They blend their project in the school’s entrepreneurship lab and create a project report at the end of the program. Thus, begins their journey to the future.

Leadership, risk taking, team work, discipline are some of the facets that are largely seen to be the points of discussion. Under the excellent guidance and expertise of the Chairman, the Entrepreneurship Lab is a hub of innovation and creativity.

Robotics Lab- As the technological advances continue, it becomes imperative to keep the generation in tandem with the processes of the present that are largely futuristic. Robotics is the branch of technology that deals with innovation, design, construction and operation of robots. To bring the students closer to science and engineering, the Robotics lab was introduced in the school campus.

Robotics, a fusion of innovative challenge-based activities, helps in fostering problem solving skills. It helps the students to think more about the application of the concepts taught in the classrooms.

SAI International believes that the 21st century belongs to people who innovate, and Robotics is a big part of innovation hence the School is taking big strides to train the gen-next to face future challenges.

Aryabhatta Math Lab- The Aryabhatta Math lab is based on the three pillars of imagination, investigation and interaction. It offers multiple teaching and learning aids as well as a complete theme-based ambience which helps students to visualize and feel mathematics. It is a place where students can learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activities, using different materials. These activities may be carried out by the teacher or the student to explore, to learn, to stimulate interest and develop a favorable attitude towards mathematics.

International Language Lab- The International language lab provides adequate opportunities to the students to learn languages effectively through the Wordsworth courseware that develops the four skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

The International language laboratory plays an important role in the language learning process of the School and helps the students to learn the language with proficiency. Detailed attention is given to clarity and accuracy as it is vital for effective and efficient communication.

The Language Lab helps learners to develop their speaking abilities, when they listen to sample pronunciations of native speakers, record their voices and correct themselves.

Dhyan Chand Sports Lab- This highly technically advanced laboratory is primarily used for teaching, research and testing in the area of sports and the science of exercise. The lab is about 400 square metres in size and is a vibrant space of the School. The sports laboratory increases the possibility to test and analyze things that are of utmost interest for athletes, such as conditioning, strength and speed. The lab is incorporated with a football ground two basketball courts, swimming pools for both boys and girls separately, table tennis, badminton court, horse riding and many more.

Performing Arts Lab- Guru Kelucharan was an Indian classical dancer, guru and proponent of Odissi dance, who is credited with the revival of the classical dance form in the 20th century. As a salutation to the great personality the Guru Kelucharan Dance Lab was built in the School campus. Young dancers begin with classes such as aerobics / yoga or turn! jump! leap! which explore movements and teach the basics of dance and class etiquette. As children get older, they begin the understanding of working towards injecting the choreography with their own experiences and feelings to give their moves more emotional depth and find a method of expression thatis their very own.

Visual Arts Lab- To enhance the fine art and craft skills, the students are exposed to different mediums and techniques for visual expression of artistic ideas. The objective of this lab is to show the transformative power of art and help put the student’s creativity on paper more beautifully. Besides this, the lab also aids in making the child trust his/her inherent abilities, put joy in their work and augment creativity.

SAI TV- SAI TV is one of the most exciting clubs that enables the students to get an exposure on the basics of film making and television production. Through activities like panel discussion, anchoring, comparing, interviews, studio discussions, outdoor recordings etc., students gain an in-depth idea and a hands-on experience on: Script writing, Scouting, Audio, video & lighting, Use of camera, Editing, Studio production, Digital cinematography, Producing and directing

Revolving around the four Ps of movie making/ television production, namely, Planning, Production, Programming and Publicity, SAI TV emphasizes the understanding of gaining knowledge, teamwork, respect, leadership and goal achievement.

Radio Orange- SAI International School is the first school to introduce the concept of an in-house radio station that gives the students a platform to share their thoughts and views, at the same time develops their communication skills and unleashes their creativity.

Once a week, the students meet to write the scripts and work on the campus news that is to be shared. Under the guidance of the teacher leaders, the students are making the most of this wonderful opportunity. At SAI International, we realize the importance of creative arts and we encourage the students who choose to make a career in the booming industry of electronic media.

Loved by all the students, Radio Orange is completely an “of the students, for the students, by the students” enterprise. Maintained exclusively by future broadcasters, this vital platform, that airs their thoughts and visions, has become a milestone in the education arena, thereby creating history in community radio services which is at par with the world.

Computer Labs- Information Technology has become an integral part of our daily life. At s SAI International, we understand the importance of keeping pace with the global advancements; hence we have computer labs in the junior and senior wing of the School. The junior computer lab and the Bill Gates senior computer lab have a total of 250 systems.

Students are provided with computer education right from the per-primary level. The computer labs are well equipped with the latest high end systems and internet facilities. Students are taught Web Application, Java, C++, Tux Paint, Logo, MS-Office, Digital Presentation, Email Messaging, and Database Development etc. The labs maintain an ideal student-machine ratio of 1:1.

Science Labs- The school has well-designed individual science labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology Madam Curie Chemistry lab, Darwin Biology lab, Homi Bhabha Physics lab.

They are fully equipped as per the guidelines laid down by CBSE. These labs facilitate the firsthand experience of learning different concepts of science and in developing scientific reasoning through experiments. This is in line with our philosophy of learning by doing.

Library- There are three different libraries for each wing; The primary wing library is called Mahatma Gandhi Learning Resource Center, secondary wing library is the Vivekananda Learning Resources Center while the higher secondary is the Tagore Learning Resource Center. The Learning Resource Centers of SAI International School house 19,793 books, CDs, magazines, newspapers and many other resources. The library also comprises of an e-library. There is a wide array of books from different genres for the skill and knowledge enhancement of the students.

Science Park- SAI International School houses an excellently designed Science Park to impart a scientific temper among the students and help them to understand science through a practical approach. The easy to operate and visually attractive models, with simple instruction manuals, help the students understand the actual mechanisms and principals of science in their daily lives. These models have a great impact on the analytical capabilities and logical approach of the students and help in enhancing their knowledge and creativity.

Social Science Lab- A Social studies lab makes the teaching of the social science subjects easier. It provides a quick and ready functional environment, which not merely provides theoretical but also practical knowledge.

The Social Studies Laboratory of SAI International School has been set up on the notion of functionality and has learning infrastructure. The lab is equipped with various apparatuses and materials required for the different subjects. It helps in creating and maintaining a much-needed congenial atmosphere for effective learning.

There is a large Globe for the children to refer to any time and a permanent display of physical and political maps, pictures and charts.  This makes the teaching of social studies effective, lively and interesting

Art Lab- Art education is very important for students who value creativity. It acts as an impetus to bring an overall development in the academic level of a student. The Art lab of SAI International School is a great platform for young and enthusiastic artists to refine their skills for a professional career in Arts. Students of Class IV and V have a lab specifically for their needs while those from classes VI to XII upgrade their artistic traits in two exclusive labs designated for them.

To understand the artistic level, likes, dislikes, views etc., of each new student or students entering another level, children are asked to make a drawing as per their wish. The art teachers assess the drawing and accordingly devise individual learning styles to enhance their artistic knowledge. Students are taught sketching, mixed media, use of water colours, crayons, acrylic on canvas or clay modeling and experimental work with waste materials.

Students are encouraged to express themselves through thematic drawings or create artworks by using waste materials to catalyze their artistic process. It also develops a sense of originality or uniqueness in them which helps them throughout their life. SAIoneers have won innumerable accolades in various state and national level competitions, which includes securing the 3rd position in Asia in the ‘Living Talent – Masterpiece 2017’ held at Dubai.

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