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Off-site training is a way to make learning more focused, boost team morale and strengthen the learning outcomes.

Students – Learning outside the confines of a classroom is always welcomed by the students.

To aid them in the process, they are taken for a one-day field visit to eminent organisations and Institutes of Higher learning like NISER, IIT, Institute of Physics, Institute of Life Science, CIFA, Central Rice Research Institute and many more, where they get an exposure to various streams one can pursue, get to know about advanced laboratories, the classroom environment, as well as get an opportunity to interact with scientists and researchers.

Students also visit various Medical Colleges to understand different departments, interact with doctors and other staff as well as learn about new technologies in the world of medicine.

They are also taken to Museums, Zoo, Planetariums, Botanical gardens etc, where they are given guided tour followed by a classroom activity, to reinforce their learning.

Students also visit different orphanages, old age homes, less privileged schools or schools for special children to connect themselves with society. They undertake different activities to make these trips memorable for the people visiting.

Teachers – Offsite training for teachers are conducted to strengthen team spirit and make learning more impactful.

Once a year, specific trainings are conducted at various locations outside the school to re-energize their passion for teaching and learning. A day-long training with fun is also conducted in the School’s own training camp situated in the Chandaka Forest.Teachers also visit various reputed Institutes for workshops and seminars.

Workshops, trainings and seminars conducted by SAI have always aimed at preparing and endowing the teacher and the taught with all the required set of skills and more, helping the SAI family to emerge as front runners in all fields.

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