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Experiential Learning in simple terms is learning while doing, which is the key approach for student-centric learning for a sustainable future. SAI International works on the ethos of experiential learning which has been implemented at all levels of learning, in the curriculum. The methodology includes engaging students in a cycle of activities and experiences, reflection, conceptualization, and application for the desired learning outcomes. Through practice, training, research, and the addition of like-minded teachers and administrators, the school’s vision and practices have evolved into a more conscious and thoughtful approach that has resulted in the adoption and employment of the hybrid model of activity/experience, reflection, conceptualization, and application.

Learning does not happen only in the classroom but also outside. The students of SAI International School participate in various beyond classroom activities through the flagship events such as SAIMUN, SAITED, UNWIND, SAI Olympics and SAI Confluence.

Experiential Activities

It is a 3-day conceptual replication of the United Nations (UN) International Committees where students from Class IX to XII assume the roles of UN representatives and the members of the International bodies. They learn to deliberate on challenging global issues and come up with solutions through consensus.

SAIMUN is Eastern India’s largest International MUN with a participation of 600 to 1000 delegates from across the globe. It provides an unexampled platform for students to debate on contemporary International issues with the meticulous moderation, encouragement and guidance of the chairpersons and vice chairpersons of each committee.
It was initiated in the year 2013 and inaugurated by Chief Minister Shri Naveen Patnaik. SAIMUN is a duly accredited registered event of United Nations Information Centre for India and Bhutan (UNIC), under the aegis of the UN. The event also finds a mention in the UN’s 70th Anniversary publication, ‘Seven Decades and Beyond: The UN-India Connect’, published by UNIC.

SAIMUN helps the students to acquire transferable competencies and make informed decisions that would remain with them throughout their life. Each edition of SAIMUN has ccontributed immensely towards the mental expansion of the students, enabling them to become more well-rounded individuals.

SAI International School believes in promoting science and technology through various pioneering platforms, to induce the spirit of curiosity and creativity amongst the students, as well as encourage and empower them to take up innovative scientific activities for a wider contribution to society. SAITED is one of the biggest School-level Science based events of the country. The mega event was graced by the presence of eminent personalities like NASA Astronaut, Dr. Jack D. Fischer and Scientist, Presenter, Author Prof. Lewis Dartnell.
It was initiated in the year 2016 to orient, educate and prepare students to work towards becoming future innovators, researchers, consultants and designers in their preferred fields. It is a day-long conclave where students from various schools participate in different activities related to science and technology. The event is open to students from class VI to XII from schools across the state.

It is the brainchild of the Founder, SAI International Education Group who envisioned an ideal platform for school students to connect them to the world of technology.

The first of its kind event in the state, SAITED is organized to orient, educate and prepare students to work towards becoming future innovators, researchers, consultants and designers in their preferred fields. It is a student driven event, managed by a highly motivated team from Class 11, Science, with handholding support from mentors.

The event provides students with an excellent opportunity to interact with luminaries from the field of research, engineering, medicine, health and technology from across the globe.

An open platform of SAITED enables students to share their ideas, discuss and deliberate amidst like-minded people besides getting an opportunity to present their ideas as well as share their views on latest happenings in the field of technology, engineering and design.

The School also encourages participation of inquisitive students from various schools, to spread a culture of knowledge creation, assimilation and sharing through involvement in designed activities and competitions

UNWIND is the largest school event of the country, held every year, to inculcate the 21st century skills in the students. Initiated in the year 2008, the one-day mega fest is completely a student-led event, encompassing a gamut of activities and witnesses a footfall of around 30 thousand people. The event houses more than 100 food stalls having a wide array of scrumptious national and international cuisines and around 100 game stalls with fun-filled activities.

Team UNWIND under the leadership of its Chairman and Managing Director, plans, designs and executes the event with the guidance and mentoring of the Founder, SAI International Education Group. It is an event of the students, for the students and by the students.

Embedding Empathy
UNWIND is also a fundraising event, financed by philanthropic Institutions through a sponsorship drive by the students, to support various underprivileged schools and communities around Cuttack and Bhubaneswar. We have brought a smile on many faces with the surplus fund generated during the fete.

The Major Project - Building 100 Libraries - is a philanthropic project envisioned by students of SAI International School to support students from under-privileged schools in and around the twin cities of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar, by providing them with a fully functional library. The project also involves imparting training to teachers on book keeping and record keeping.

SAI Olympics

SAI Olympics, the annual sporting event of the School, simulates the grandeur and talent of the Olympics. It symbolizes sportsmanship & camaraderie

The Olympic touch
To inspire the students and lift their spirit, a bigger sporting platform simulating the Olympics, is provided. It commences with an Inaugural ceremony involving the hoisting of the Sports Flag and lighting of the torch, followed by a spectacular torch relay. The event is laced beautifully with salutation from all the four houses in a regimented march past to the exhilarating beats of the School band, whereby creating an ambience of the competitive spirit, setting the mood for the event. The entire atmosphere comes alive with the cheers of the students, encouraging their teams. The finale comprises of an outstanding valedictory ceremony.

The event takes place in a huge stadium having a 400-meter track with eight lanes, for all track and field events. It has a seating capacity of more than 5000 people and is capable of holding events of an international level.

Learning Outcome
The event not only showcases the sporting talent of the students but also instill the values of discipline, team work, persistence, tenacity, self-control and resilience in the young sportspersons. It provides a wonderful avenue for a budding sportsperson to display aptitude and take forward the learning from the experience, through handholding support from sincere coaches and a sophisticated infrastructure.
The event is a euphoric mix of a display of outstanding talents, nail-biting races, colorful drills and spectacular cultural performances.

SAI Confluence
SAI Confluence is a unique cultural event of the School, where each and every student gets an opportunity to perform on an enormous stage of 5400 square feet, in front of a large audience comprising of twelve thousand guests. Trainers of National repute choreograph the string of events and edify the students to give their best performance at par with national and international levels.


Each year, the School tries to impart a deeper learning to the students through innovative themes, which give out a strong message on the values, culture and traditions of our nation and state as well. The fun and creativity in crafting wonderful performances through songs, music and scripts, motivates the students to get involved in the entire process with zeal and dedication.

Learning Outcome

It is an integral part of the curriculum for the holistic development of the students. The event brings out the hidden talents and raises the confidence of each and every student by encouraging them and giving them an opportunity to shed their inhibitions through performing in front of a large audience on a huge stage.


SAI International School believes in an inter-disciplinary approach to learning, where rigorous academic concepts and topics are merged and aligned with real-world lessons. Subject wise interdisciplinary projects are assigned to the students to come up with innovative ideas and designs.

Science Park

The Science Park of SAI International School helps students to understand the concepts of science and geography by experiencing the concepts.


The school encourages outings to acquire knowledge of the real world. Children go to museums and to different cities and countries to experience and gain exposure of the outside world. The trips to the museums teach the students about the history and culture of their state, hence inculcating a deep sense of pride.

Photos from the Event