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Apart from CBSE and NCERT, SAI International School has developed its own curriculum and offers a wide array of exposure in subjects related to life skills which will not only help in leading a happy life, but also become a person of substance.

SAI International believes that attainment of high standards of literacy, numeracy and general academic performance is in no small part because the students are happy at school and fully involved in their wider possibilities of life.

It is, therefore, important for the school, that the curriculum continues to develop in a way where it not only enhances the formal academic program, but also provides a complete 360 degree holistic educational experience for the children. SAI International continually works to upgrade and improve the curriculum via exciting Enhanced Curriculum Programs and brings forth the ethos of SAI International by designing and adding unique subjects in the curriculum such as:

SAI Samskara - SAI Samskara is a part of the school curriculum for the students of classes I to VIII. It inculcates the values and morals and works towards creating empathetic individuals, thereby creating a society of humble and humane citizens.

SAI Happiness - SAI Happiness is yet another life skill subject that talks about contentment, which leads to happiness in life. The main aim of this subject is to find a purpose in life which leads to the attainment of happiness and come to terms with the environment one is in and strengthen the personality.

SAI Financial Studies - SAI financial Studies equip the students with the knowledge and skills needed to manage money effectively. Children are taught how to handle money, both at home and in school. It will further help in building a strong economy.

SAI Global Studies - SAI Global Studies provide an in-depth knowledge of the world around and help children gain a newer perspective of the world and different economies, cultures and traditions.

SAI Grammar - Apart from the normal English grammar, the school has introduced SAI Grammar as a subject to enhance the English Grammar for children to become good communicators capable of writing and speaking flawlessly.

SAI Netritva - The Leadership Program that trains students to learn how to set priorities, manage time, learn by observing, fight against fear as well as inculcate leadership qualities.

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