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To instil the 21st century learning skills, students of SAI International School are engaged in interactive scientific discussions, forming innovative techniques and building a learning culture around education, this led to the formation of the students clubs at the school.


The clubs of the school hone the communicative skillsfoster creative thinking, and teach the students to work effectively with others as a team. The extracurricular involvement is one of the few ways that schools can gain insights into the child’s personality.

Children take up responsibilities and achieve success. This helps them discover their innate talent and also showcase their abilities, which further helps them during their pursuit for higher studies and in the career they choose.

Children select their clubs as per their interest and hobbies. All the like-minded children, together, participate in various activities of the club that helps them hone their creativity, critical thinking and problem solving skills. The various clubs of SAI International School are:

Ignited Minds – The Debating ClubQuest – The Quizzing ClubGoing Global – The International Activity Club
Spectrum – The Science ClubRobotics – The Robotics ClubDifferent Strokes – The Art Club
Reflections – The Creative Writing ClubEarth Grooves – The Eco ClubExcelomatics -The Math Club
Symphony -The Music ClubAstronomy -The Astronomy ClubRoadies – The Adventure Club
Images – The Photography ClubInteract – The Community Service ClubSAI TV – The Film Making Club
Radio Orange -The Radio ClubMask – The Theatre ClubRhythm – The Dance Club
Drums and Trumpets – The School BandScouts and Guides – The Scout ClubNCC – The NCC Club

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