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Student-centric Approach - SAI International School, the best 10+2 CBSE Schools In Bhubaneswar, Odisha believes in a student-centric approach to learning. Each student is given personalized attention through one to one mentoring. The classroom reflects their personal touch through paintings, quotations, art and crafts, making it an amicable environment for joyful learning.

The Higher Secondary School encourages enquiry-based instruction and peer learning. In the primary classes, most of the teaching-learning process is through the play-way method or game-based learning. Special attention is given to individual students through the multi-sensory approach of teaching.

As students enter the Secondary level and move on to the Higher Secondary level, stronger focus is on experiential learning. Students obtain in-depth knowledge through hands-on activities. The classroom teaching is imparted through debates, discussions and brainstorming. Content focused role plays are conducted to create meaningful learning.

Flipped Classroom - Learning is one of the teaching processes employed, as we believe students have an equal role in expanding their learning horizon. With teachers as facilitators, students get the opportunity to do research and strengthen their learning.

Peer learning is also encouraged, and students have the freedom to apply new knowledge in the classroom. Differentiated instruction is applied as and when the need arises.

Tech-savvy Classroom -  Technology is firmly embedded in the curriculum, enabling students to have access to a high-tech approach to learning. Each Classroom of SAI International School consists of a Smart Board with access to Moodle, containing a bank of books, magazines, articles, various research materials and e-recourses, where tools and resources for the teachers are available with the help of Integrated Classroom (ICR) from NIIT and Extra Marks. The curriculum implementation is meticulously planned and strictly adhered to.

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