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Children have a number of dreams and aspirations to achieve, with all of the future laid out before them. What do they want to become? Maybe an astronaut, a rocket scientist, an engineer, a doctor perhaps wants to join the military or become an entrepreneur. Whatever aspiration they have but they do not have the complete knowledge as to how to go about realising their dream.

SAI as a guiding hand

SAI International School assists its students in providing personal coaching for educational training as well as with occupational choices for greater fulfillment in their dream careers.

Skill setting

The foundation of career, self management skills (for example decision making, self-awareness self-confidence) are laid at an early stage and SAI International School helps its students to make a career choice since it will have major implications for later education and work options.

Specialised coaching

The school provides regular coaching facilities after school hours separately. Specialised coaching is provided in Humanities, Commerce and Science for careers in Law, Chartered Accountancy, Cost Accountancy, Medicine, Engineering and many other professional studies.


To build confidence in taking examination in various competitive and board exams SAI International school holds mock test for the students via its Career coaching programs.

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